Candid Photography

Candid and Event photography have become increasingly popular because each give you a behind the scenes look of an event.

Candid photography captures the spontaneous and "unposed" moments that can really express how much fun your guests had. Using candid photography, you can create naturally expressed memories that portray the live pulse of your event.

Event Photography

Our photographer will capture your speakers, reception/breakouts, and events for documentation. Package includes a microsite to download your images. Event photography lets you capture those moments you can't get with a stationary setup.

  • Print pictures on-site
  • Retrieve photos online and capture guest data
  • Customize photos with text, logos, or other graphics to match your event theme

Event photography is a great way to add some artistic flair to your photos.

Event Documentation

Our specialized personnel has the experience and expertise to capture the candid, natural flow of your event and get the perfect shots of your guests' most memorable moments. And, we do it all without interrupting the true meaning of the event.
We have covered major national, regional, and local events such as

  • Weddings & Receptions
  • Family Portraits, Children & Baby pictures
  • Professional & Collegiate Sporting Events
  • ‘Slideshows' from your pictures (broadcast-quality music videos)
  • Graduation, Prom & Homecoming Portraits
  • Executive Head Shots & Corporate Events
  • Product Photography for websites, advertising and promotion
  • Quinceañera, Sweet Sixteen and other Special Assignments
  • and many others.

Our on-site print services let your guests take home a memorable keepsake, or, choose to purchase a CD containing selected pictures from your event.
You can also brand your candid photos with customized graphics, logos, and text to match your events theme.

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